At One Call Remodeling, we take your kitchen remodeling project from start to finish—including all design and construction.

At OneCall Remodeling, we take care of your kitchen, bathroom or any major remodeling project from start to finish—including all design and construction.

Home remodeling is one of the most popular choices among homeowners. A home that functions well can help you save time and effort every day. Plus, there’s no denying it, well designed houses can give you and your family space and style at the same time.

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place you come to after a long day at work. Your family and friends often gather in your kitchen or back yard. When you are not entertaining, your living room is where your family spends most of their time.

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular choices for a home remodeling project.

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Many people often wonder how profitable it is to remodel their home. Is it worth the effort and discomfort just to make some changes in a house? The answer is far more complex than people realize, because value here is very subjective. Let’s take a look at some major factors so we can answer this question. The first is the approximate cost of the project. The second would be how attractive would the property be after the remodel, and last but not least, the personal comfort value which cannot be defined by simple numbers.

So what does it mean to boost the value of a home? When you invest money into a new kitchen, and then list your property for sale, part of the final sale value is based on the value of the remodeled area. This number is determined by trends, individual projects, and individual tastes. For example, a brand new slate countertop and an additional island to your kitchen may look absolutely gorgeous to one person, but might be an absolute turn off to the next. It also depends on the budget you dedicated to your projects. If the contractor you hired over-charged you, or just fooled around for weeks before completing the project, it can be difficult to recoup the investment.

Keep in mind that every remodel requires close attention to detail. But some projects require higher levels of planning and oversight than others. Kitchens, for example, are one of the most important remodels when it comes to any home as there are more details to consider than in any other room in the house. The job of a good remodeling contractor is to determine and visualize the concepts that realistically work for your home. This all needs to be done while remaining well within your remodeling budget. The importance of attention to detail in home remodels is the cornerstone of a successful project.

Dimensions really matter when it comes to remodeling design. Knowing the exact appliances and furnishings that will go into the remodeled room is one of the most important factors and should be determined before the construction ever starts. Make sure of make, model, and size of every item that will be placed in the remodeled area before you start swinging your hammer.

Working with a reliable and skilled remodeling team from OneCall is very important. They will be able to tell you if your idea of the remodel fits within your budget and time frame, and where the greatest expenses will come from. They will also be able to discuss options that may save you money, improve function and flow in the house, and help you achieve the style you desire.

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